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April 08, 2008


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I surely hope the good doctor means "paasties" and not "paysties" for the weekend, or it could be some weekend indeed!


Oh, no! So this lovely story is all delusion???


I wouldn't be too sure. After all, the pug thinks he is a psychiatrist.

I'm hoping someone submits an animal with a cleft chin and proud buttocks to C.O. because I'm dying to know what the stable boy thinks of all of this.

(Yes, I'm the writer, but I don't know where the story is going until the inspiration takes me).


JDS - you slay me with your stories - chip chip and cheerio and all that sort of thing!

Could we see a picture of your dear Bertha? I've been dying for that also.


Huzzah! Picture of Bertha, please!


I was reading one of your hilarious comments over at Cute Overload, and I found a link to your blog. I'm so very glad I did, as this has cheered me right up after a day of very rude comments on a video of me singing. Thank you for sharing your entertaining scenarios with us.

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