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May 17, 2008


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Ah, Ava Gardner! Her beauty was absolutely unearthly.

My grandparents at one point ran a tiny second-run movie theater, and their adult children all worked there. My uncle was in charge of booking the films. He had a crush on Ava Gardner. Family legend has it that he booked One Touch of Venus ten times in a row until my grandfather made him stop.

Hey, no VCR's back in those days, what else could he do?


You DO have lovely taste! To paraphrase Claude Rains, "If I were a man, I should be in love with them. But what a fool I am, speaking to a man about other women!"

May I share a few of the actors I've been in love with (albeit not so lesser-known)?

Gregory Peck (especially around the "Twelve O'Clock High", "To Kill A Mockingbird", "Roman Holiday" period), who also starred with Ava Gardner in one of my most favorite movies---"On The Beach".

Clark Gable, from the "It Happened One Night", "GWTW" period.

The aforementioned Claude Rains; I saw an early film of his (don't recall the name) where he was quite young and very handsome.

William Powell, not just for "The Thin Man" series, but I also loved him in "Mister Roberts" (another of my most favorites).

Rod Taylor in "The Birds", "The Time Machine".

George Clooney----okay, okay. Not quite "old Hollywood"!


You have fabulous taste! I found a URL for the Myrna Loy/Barbarian picture and it's super huge - high quality perfect for a desktop picture ;)





Have you seen this?

It's fabulous!


Excellent taste. I am especially thrilled to see the beautiful Myrna Loy in your list. I think she's woefully underrated. I am happily heterosexual but I swear, Myrna Loy could have turned me. Plus she's always such a joy to watch, even in awful movies. (Like the dreadful "Mask of Fu Manchu.")

Oh, and thumbs up on Olivia too.

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