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June 27, 2008


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Absolutely perfect! As a CO addict, I can attest that you've described my downward spiral into incomprehensibility. Bravo! (And very, very funny.)


What I want to know is whether or not your Meg and Teho can spell "SOME PIG" and "RADIANT" in their under-eave web weave.

Oh, and you clearly need bleen therapy. Fortunately, I have just the thing: http://www.cafepress.com/puddinghockey


w00t!! I made the blog!! w00t!!

No, I did not actually give birth to my two fur people. But, I am alone in my office cackling like a crazy person!!! BerthaS FTW!! Again. You totally have me nailed. Guilty as charged.

If I find an orphaned marmie kitling whilst on vacation I'm bringing it to you in person.



1. I have actually looked at co-workers, tilted my head and said "Baroo?" when they ask me stupid questions.

2. My husband can attest that I say "Ehn" constantly. I think it's starting to scare him.

3. I'm afraid of spiders, but I did start calling the black and white kitteh hanging out in my garden Meg (because kitteh is wearing what looks like a pink collar with a heart shaped id tag, so is a girly)

4. I paused in a store on my way home from work today, and asked the clerk, after rooting unsuccessfully in the freezer, if they had a Nana Pa-sickie.


guilty as charged. i throw myself on the mercy of the court.


I totally agree with you on the "Baroo?" and "ehn!"


OK I have one to add...
You can't walk into a room with a piano without moaning "Ohhhh Don Piaaaaaaaa-no".

(based on actual events)


While I'm not admitting to anything, one could add to the list cyberstalking certain CO regulars. *cough cough*.

My favorite from this list is, referring to grumpy co-workers as "Winston". I'm going to adopt that one strait away.

Talking about addiction to CO is just too embarrassing for me, I'm going back into denial. Baroo? *head tilt*.



I eyes ya binky-mama.


Not only do I do the "Baroo?" and "Ehn," I have my boyfriend doing them too. Plus I instruct my chinchilla "Paws up!" (she looks at me quizzically, on the occasions when she deigns to acknowledge my words). Oddly enough, I have not met anyone named Mike since my pre-CO days. Michael, yes, but no Mike.


oh, I am totally addicted! Thanks for the laugh.

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